Building the city of the future with the ressources available to us today
The restructuring and conversion of obsolete buildings which favour recycling, constructing new buildings in a way that allows them to be reversible and anticipate their changing usage, as well as the reusing of materials, seem to be logical and meaningful solutions for the future of our real estate projects and cities. Following such sustainable actions helps breathe new life into neighbourhoods, whilst also limiting the carbon impact of the sector. In the latest BuzzWords, such ideas are explored, along with detailing how BNP Paribas Real Estate has integrated them into its own activities.
BBCA Quartier label, creating sustainable neighbourhoods?
BNP Paribas Real Estate and its partners is proud to have launched the BBCA Quartier label, an initiative which works to ensure that neighbourhoods across France and in turn Europe, will work to operate as sustainably as possible.
Logistics Investment:Timely or Time Out?
With factors such as rising inflation, geopolitical tensions and increasing energy prices affecting the real estate market at large, how exactly is the logistics market faring? And in particular the UK? Find out in the latest webinar from the BNP Paribas Real Estate UK team.
Building differently: the drive for a circular economy approach 
As Deputy Managing Director, Head of Business Development Europe, Grégoire Tripon works to change the way that resources are consumed in buildings and how waste is managed. Property Managers are as such further integrating the circular economy into a variety of buildings.
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