Welcome to the city of tomorrow and all it has to offer
Covid-19 and the climate crisis may be the biggest challenges facing our cities but they are not the only factors affecting how we live and work. From our changing habits to greater citizen empowerment, cities across the world are changing both architecturally and culturally. How then do we build and shape a city that works for everyone in a way that puts resilience at its core? In this TrendBook, experts from across the sector and beyond share their vision of what our future cities might look like.
Investment strategies in 2022
The latest report from BNP Paribas REIM, The Lighthouse considers the current economic and situational circumstances that are affecting the real estate market, whilst identifying the investment opportunities available in 2022
Capitalise: A redefining moment for London
Investment in London has come back to pre-pandemic levels, which sets the tone for a positive outlook in 2022. The need to visit and inspect buildings before buying has been highlighted, so the easing of travel bans is a welcome result for investors looking into London.
Will the e-office help professional well-being? 
Whilst the idea of e-commerce is well established, the e-office is something we're all getting used to. With the rise of remote working, the office has had to offer new experiences and cater to an ever-present need for well-being and services being seamlessly integrated into the building.
Go figure...
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